Car Credit Kingston: Pay Zero Money Down On Your Next Car Loan

While some car dealerships advertise “99% Guaranteed Approvals”, they usually require a substantial down payment. So what do you do if you just can’t raise the funds?

We feel your pain. We need our own cars as much as you need yours. And we’re glad to tell you there’s a stress free solution.

At Car Credit Kingston, our qualified loan advisers have the contacts and the expertise to help you secure a loan without a down payment. Our Zero Money Down Car Loans program takes you through the key steps required to get your loan approved and have you driving a better car.

Have you been told by a dealer you need a huge amount down for a car loan approval?

  • Have you just been discharged from bankruptcy?
  • Is this your first time borrowing money for a car loan?
  • Are you just a few months into your new career?
  • Are you struggling to find a qualified cosigner to guarantee your repayments?
  • Is your trade-in value not adequate for a decent down payment?

No matter what the extent of your finance roadblock, Car Credit Kingston’s Zero Money Down Car Loan program is the answer for you.  Lets take a look at how you can secure your car loan approval and buy the car that’s right for you.

Review Your Credit Report With Our Loans Advisor


Car Credit Kingston’s loan advisers understand the stress a bad credit rating can cause. And we’re glad to tell you the solution is for you. We’ll request your official report from the Canadian bureaus, before talking you through your outstanding payments and planning a strategy to clear your debt.
There are several ways to restructure your credit application that only our loan advisers know. We’ll make a few adjustments before connecting you with financial lenders who only require a small down payment for your car loan approval.

Consider One Of Our Exclusive Down Payment Alternatives

If a complete review of your financial situation reveals you do require a down payment, don’t hit the brakes. At Car Credit Kingston we always find a solution. We’ll guide you through the alternatives until you’re waving goodbye in your next vehicle.

Down Payment Layaway Program

If you’re not in a desperate hurry to rev your new engine and need some time to produce a deposit, take advantage of our layaway program.
At Car Credit Kingston we have the answer for you. You can buy time to earn your down payment whilst we hold your new car in wait.

Speak with a Car Credit Kingston loan adviser to apply for our No Down Payment Layaway Program today.

Delayed Down Payment Program

Do you need your car as soon as possible but can’t secure payment for 60 days?  Our auto loan advisers will qualify you for our Delayed Down Payment Program.

This exclusive offer is only available at Car Credit Kingston, allowing you to delay your down payment for up to 60 days after you pick up your car.
Contact a Car Credit Kingston loan adviser to apply for our Delayed Down Payment Program today.

Pick A Zero Down Payment Car

At Car Credit Kingston we reserve a fleet of vehicles that don’t require a down payment.  This selection of cars provides buyers the guaranteed option of loan approval when you just can’t raise the funds for a deposit and you’re in a hurry to get your hands on a car.

Contact our loan advisers to point you in the direction of our zero down payment vehicles, and we’ll qualify you for the Car Credit Kingston Zero Down Payment Car Program.

No obligation! Book a review with an auto loan adviser today

At Car Credit Kingston, we know everyone needs a car. If you’re short of a down payment, consider it a speed bump rather than a traffic jam. We have the solution for you to secure a zero down payment car loan.

Click here for your obligation free appointment. A Car Credit Kingston auto loan adviser will review your credit report, discuss your budget and help secure your zero down car loan. We’ll have you on the road before you can say GO!